P O Box 1879, Garden Grove, CA 92842-1879

Hello Neighbors,


It is spring and with that comes the hope of what the season and year will bring. It is with that hope we move forward with our association without our ambassador and president Toby Rubin. Her unexpected passing on January 11, 2013, left us shaken for a while. However, Toby’s dedication to this community would be in vain if we did not continue to grow this association. So we will do just that.


According to our by-laws, new board members will be viewed as “interim” until the annual meeting when the general membership votes. Here are your “interim” board members.


President: Maureen Blackmun

Vice-President: Verla Lambert

Treasurer and VP of Correspondence: John Wildsmith

Secretary: Keith Riley

Board Member: Ric Lerma

Board Member: Elena Wildsmith

Board Member: Russ McDonald


We have a terrific mix of new and veteran board members. Each brings with them a dedication to this community through active participation. I am honored to serve with them.


The GGNA ended last year on a very positive note. The association was involved in the local elections, community service, and activism in a few proposed city projects.


Where we’ve been this past year:


·                             Arbor Day Tree Planting with Jordan Intermediate School-April 25, 2012

·                             Annual General Meeting-June 23, 2013

·                             Candidate’s Forum-October 6, 2012

·                             Adopt-A-Family (3rd Annual) 2012

·                             Developed improved communication with City Hall

·                             Developed contacts with the Orange County Register and Garden Grove Journal which allowed publicity for our events

·                             Welcomed new board members and new members




Where we would like to go this year:


·                             New website and Face book page

·                             Toby Rubin Memorial Tree (in place of Arbor Day this year)-April 3, 2012

·                             Annual Meeting 10th Annual-Date TBA

·                             Adopt-A-Family Christmas Food Drive

·                             Continue to grow the Association’s membership and presence in the community

·                             Keep involved in City Council meetings

·                             Continue to explore fund raising opportunities

·                             Improve community involvement in the association

·                             ??? you tell us



The GGNA has sponsored a memorial tree in honor of Toby Rubin. The planting is April 3rd @ 8:30am. We have an excellent location; in front of the police department. (Toby was a VIP-Volunteer in Police. So we think this spot is ideal!) See you there.


Our board meetings have moved to the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm my home; 12381 Meade St. All are invited to attend. The next meeting is April 10th.


On a personal note, I ask for your help. Consider investing a little time and your talent to making an improvement to this community and the association. You can write content for our new website, help with fundraising, help plan our annual meeting or you tell me what you would like to do. The city needs you and so do I.




Maureen Blackmun